South Asia Seminar: "Indian Detective Fiction and the Reflection of World Literature"

Laura Brueck, Associate Professor of Hindi Literature, South Asian Studies, and Comparative Literature; Chair, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures; Co-director of Global Humanities Initiative; Northwestern University

The variegated landscape of 20th and 21st century Indian detective fiction illustrates how narrative conventions, styles, and modes of reception traverse multiple linguistic and literary landscapes in modern India. I argue in this paper that a study of Indian detective fiction and the multilingual pathways of its rise to popular dominance can provide new understandings of the diversity of Indian reading publics, the contribution of pulp fiction to modern colloquialisms and styles of speech, and the power of a mass literary culture to help shape notions of law and (dis)order, as well as social convention and transgression.

Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 5:00pm
Foster 103