South Asia Seminar: Kris Manjapra (Tufts University), “Age of Entanglement: Indian-German Encounters and the Death of Europe”

Pursuing a multi-sited approach to the study of global intellectual history, this paper studies the interrelation, friction, and entanglement that developed between two distant centers of intellectual modernism located in Calcutta and Berlin, beginning in the late nineteenth century. The paper argues that the apparent peculiarity of German and Indian engagements from the 1880s-1950s actually serves to reveal deep characteristics of global modernist knowledge production, cutting across colonial, racial, civilizational and historiographic divides. By following traces of intellectual diaspora and entanglement, Kris Manjapra employs a critical transnational optic to challenge conventional notions about the boundaries of national identity, the global production of racial thinking, the uses of international comparison, and the sources of modernist thought. This is a South Asia Seminar Series led by Kris Manjapra, Associate Professor of History at Tufts University.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 4:30pm
Foster 103