South Asia Seminar Series: "Civility and Religious Coexistence in Asokan Edicts: A Political Theory Perspective"

South Asia Seminar presentation by Rajeev Bhargava.

Scholars have frequently praised Asoka for his policy of toleration. Bhargava delves deeper into the issue, focusing on the conditions that forces him to first encourage people with diverse religious and philosophical background to live together, not back-to-back but face -to-face, and then, by formulating public norms of civility among different 'pasandas' engaged in fierce verbal disputes, provides secular foundations of such 'living together'. Bhargava argues that this norm is at the heart of his novel formulation of Dhamma. It goes beyond toleration and comes close to equal respect.

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 4:30pm
Foster 103