TAPSA Talk - Abhishek Ghosh

"A Devotional Doxography of 'World Philosophy:' Bhaktivinod's Tattvaviveka"

The Western-educated Middle Class Bengalis Often Formed Their Intellectual Opinions About Europe By Reading European Literature And Philosophy. And Tapan Roychoudhury Notes In His Europe Reconsidered How The Bengali Intelligentsia “happened To Be The First Asian Social Group Of Any Size Whose Mental Worlds Got Transformed Through Interactions With The West.” (ix). This Presentation Will Give An Overview Of The Dynamics Of Encounter And Response In The Works Of A Prominent Vaiṣṇava Thinker, Kedarnath Datta Bhaktivinod In The Areas Of ‘world History’ And ‘world Religions’ Before Turning To A Discussion Of His Devotional Treatment Of ‘world Philosophies.’ In Discussing His Sanskrit/bengali Work Tattvaviveka, A ‘doxography Of World Philosophies,’ Bhaktivinod Was Responding To The To Some Of The European Discourses On Civilizational Difference Which Posited That Philosophy Was Essentially European. By Placing Thinkers Like Yang-tse, Descartes Or Shankara Into A ‘philosophical System’ Based On Vaiṣṇava Theology, I Argue, Bhaktivinod Seems To Counter Some These European Notions That Excluded India From The History Of Philosophy.

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 4:30pm
Foster 103 (1130 East 59th Street)