COSAS Grants

COSAS Student Conference Travel Grants

University of Chicago graduate students who deliver paper on subjects related to South or Southeast Asia at a recognized conference may be eligible to receive reimbursement for travel-related expenses for attending the conference up to a limit of $500 per year. Expenses can include flights, hotel stays, registration fees, food, and taxis.

Travel Grant Application Process


In order to receive full funding, please email the following documentation to

1) A program or letter of invitation from the conference proving that you presented a paper;

2) Completed copies of the TEV and Student Reimbursement Forms, which can be found after clicking on "Forms" under "Graduate Student Funding";

3) Receipts of all expenses documented on the TEV form, including flights, hotels, registration, Taxis, and travel meals. If you do not have access to a scanner, emailed photos of the receipts will also suffice. Please email Lauren Doan at if you have any questions.

Funds are limited to a maximum established by the COSAS annual budget. We strongly recommend that students have their travel reimbursement pre-approved by emailing the COSAS Associate Director at

COSAS Student Archival and Research Grants (“Small Grants”)

COSAS has set aside a modest fund to support students’ acquisition of materials generally held in archives and libraries. These funds are meant to cover reimbursement fees for photocopying, acquiring microfilm and microfiche documents, and similar types of requests.

Receipts are required and reimbursements are limited to $300 per person per year. Due to limitations on the size of this budget, we recommend that students have their reimbursements pre-approved to assure that the request can be honored.

Please email the COSAS office at or call 773-834-9994 if you have questions regarding this grant or would like to have your request pre-approved.

Students are encouraged to view the materials collected as a source to share with colleagues and donate them, after the initial reference use, to the Southern Asian Collection at the University of Chicago.

COSAS Last Quarter Tuition Only Grants

COSAS students may request tuition only grants to cover their tuition for the quarter in which they graduate. These grants do not involve any stipend, and are not available to students who are unable to show evidence of graduation for the quarter in which funding is sought. All funding is available pending budget approval and all decisions regarding these awards must also be finally approved by the applicant’s Dean of Students.

We suggest that you contact the COSAS Associate Director who will advise you on eligibility by writing to