“Globalizing India: How Global Rules and Markets Are Shaping India’s Rise to Power”

South Asia Speaker: Aseema Sinha
India’s recent economic transformation has fascinated scholars, global leaders, and interested observers alike. In 1990, India was a closed economy and a hesitant and isolated economic power. By 2016, India has rapidly risen on the global economic stage; foreign trade now drives more than half of the economy and Indian multinationals pursue global alliances. Focusing on second-generation reforms of the late 1990s, Aseema Sinha explores what facilitated global integration in a self-reliant country predisposed to nationalist ideas. The author argues that globalization has affected trade policy as well as India’s trade capacities and private sector reform. India should no longer be viewed solely through a national lens; globalization is closely linked to the ambitions of a rising India. The study uses fieldwork undertaken in Geneva, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Washington, DC, interviews with business and trade officials, alongside a close analysis of the textile and pharmaceutical industries and a wide range of documentary and firm-level evidence to let diverse actors speak in their own voices. This book speaks to the Comparative Politics literature, International Relations literature and Studies of India directly. It examines how the World Trade Organization affected and changed Indian actor’s preferences about globalization. Its deploys an interdependence approach or a dynamic second-image reversed framework to an analysis of India, while also building a dynamic framework that examines how domestic actors shape and re-shape global institutions and markets.

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 4:30pm
Foster 103